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WTE Project – Adamawa, Nigeria

Feasability Study

  • Current Status of the Project:Completed
  • Project Starting Date:2012
  • Project Completion Date:2013
  • Project Organizer:Adebayo Adeyosoye
  • Project Categories:Energy
Recycling, Renewable Energy

WTE Project – Adamawa, Nigeria

         We undertook a feasibility study in the Nigerian state of Adamawa, we focused on Yola where the rubbish has grown significantly. We took samples of the rubbish and created a mixture, by grinding them in an industrial grinder. We sent them to a laboratory to be analysed, which provided crucial information about the compition of Yola’s rubbish. It was of a high quality plastic which would make this a viable feedstock in turning waste into energy, with a high BTU rating. The next step was an 8 hour testing of the rubbish in the test facility, this was done through simulated material composistion by recreating the samples from the labortory result, we ould not send the samples directly due to importation regulations.

We presented our findings and recommendations of Installation of a 1.5MW or a 3.5MW per hour Waste to Energy plant in a report to the State government officials.