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About POWER Z Solutions

Power-Z Agriculture Solutions is a division of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. specializing in the development and supply of sustainable, environmentally friendly bio-organic granular soil conditioning media and liquid spray solutions to conserve water, increase plant yields, reduce soil eutrophication and the risk of plant disease.

We are committed to four principal goals:

– Sustainable Agriculture

– Social Equity

– Environmental Health

– Economic Profitability

Agriculture utilizes roughly 65-70% of the world’s freshwater resources, and is composed of several sectors with companies from horticulture plant growers to farming cooperatives growing various different crops. These companies are under mounting pressure to produce more food to meet the demands of a growing population, while dealing with the challenges associated with water scarcity, changing climatic conditions, and growing concerns over soil health.

To address these issues, Power Z Agriculture is using innovation and dedication to advance sustainable agriculture through the utilization of non toxic, natural, bio-organic soil conditioning granular media and liquid growth enhancing plant spray products to serve new clients in different agriculture market sectors and geographies while providing added value to our clients throughout the USA.

A solid foundation and vision, along with a focus on sustainable agriculture to optimize water resources, maximize crop yields, and reduce eutrophication we look to the future.

With a dedication to our team, stewardship of the environment, and a collaboration with strategic local agriculture partners and clients worldwide, we can accomplish this goal.

Power Z Products

Power-Z Granular Soil Conditioner

Power-Z Soil amendment is a natural granular bio-organic zeolite media blend with unique characteristics for agriculture, horticular and landscaping applications.

Power-Z Grow Liquid Spray

Power-Z Grow is a bio organic liquid spray plant/tree amendment with specific qualities for conventional, organic and hydroponic agriculture, horticulture, farming, and landscaping applications.

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