Solar Motion Sensor Light – Series 4

This Solar sensor light, can charge in daylight even on cloudy days, in the UK we have a lot of cloudy days,

it has an IP rating of IP65, suitable for the rainy days too. You can use this light practically anywhere you want to have light at night.

Its designed with a PIR Sensor decting movement the light will illuminate, depending on the mode setting. Great for gardens, pathways, driveways, patios, walls, fences, sheds doorways, other door ways courtyards etc.. are a few of the places where they can be used.

  • LED solar wall light, built in high performance lithium battery.
  • High electrical efficacy (20%) monocrystalline silicon with laminated panel.
  • OSRAM 2835, 0.5W LED source, luminous efficiency 150lm/w
    PIR motion sensor and dark sensing, multiple application.

Easy Install, Zero running costs.

Easy installation, no wires trailing from your house or passing through walls or windows. Once it is installed there are no running costs.
Product Description

This solar LED light is designed with a Li-ion batter it can be charged when light is low (ie cloudy days) it will charge little, so it is best to place where daylight will fall on the solar panel. Try not to choose locations with less sunlight.

There are 2 different modes avaiable:

PIR motion sensor – illuminates when there is motion for 15 seconds then switches off, most battery economical.

Night sensing – Illuminates when darkness is detected and will stay on all night or until the battery is depleted. Most battery usage.

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