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The VALEOGRAPH technology

The examination – biophysical and objective

VALEOGRAPH is a unique, medical, physical examination device that analyses your health status within a short time without interfering with the body’s functions.

This method of examination and the detailed evaluation give you a comprehensive examination result. The examination is based on acoustic, electromagnetic and light-optical signals, which are displayed and evaluated by means of frequency spectrography. A high measuring point density makes a comprehensive whole body measurement, the measurement which neither does influence the body functions nor needs any body fluids. With only one examination, findings can be made for all organs. This method of examination and the detailed evaluation give you a comprehensive examination result.

The VALEOGRAPH Prevent Professional 980 has five independent test modules that enable single, but also sequential, or complex examinations, tests and applications:

  1. 1) HRV (heart rate variability) – records the activity of the vegetative nervous system
  2. 2) ECG (electrocardiogram) – records the electrical activities of all cardiac muscle fibres
  3. 3) DSAM (diagonal-segmental amplitudometry) – detects by means of electro-physiological impulses disorders in the tissue conductivity
  4. 4) VALEO (vegetative-anatomical-logotopic organ diagnostics in the real-time organ mode) – examines the entire body, defined organs or the vegetative nervous system by means of acoustic, electromagnetic and laser-optical frequencies
  5. 5) BIA (bio-impedance measurement) – calculates body fat, water and solid substance

After input of determined data, a measurement is carried out on a physical basis after test selection. The computer generates an alphanumeric or graphical representation after the processing of the determined and non-deterministic data or linear and non-linear signals and determines individual risk profiles, functional disorders and pathologies after comparison with integrated databases.
With only one examination check the health of your entire body reliably – with VALEOGRAPH

Your advantage

Health brings quality of life

Life expectancy in the western world is steadily increasing. At the same time, our expectation of our lives also increases. We do not just want to grow old, but above all to be healthy and to remain healthy. To achieve this, targeted and self-responsible health care is required. We are responsible for maintaining our health and performance.To meet this responsibility, we need a comprehensive knowledge of our own health.

With a VALEOGRAPH health analysis you will get a detailed and reliable overview of your body’s health in a short time. You can recognize the illnesses and functional disorders that have not been noticed so far at an early stage so that, if necessary, further medical measures can be initiated immediately and therapies can be defined in a targeted manner. An advantage that gives your health the decisive edge.

Stay healthy – with VALEOGRAPH.
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