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German technology

The Thermolyzer uses advanced German technology to convert many types of waste into synthetic fuel gas. This gas, called Thermogas, is a clean and inexpensive substitute for Natural Gas.
It can power gas turbines and generate constant, reliable electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. Municipal Solid Waste (trash), old tires, plastics, paper, agricultural waste, wood waste, biomass and other types of waste are used as feedstock for the Thermolyzer.
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The Thermolyzer does not pollute in any way. ..

The Thermolyzer does not pollute in any way. No harmful emissions. No toxic waste. It passes strict German environmental regulations.

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Safe way

The Thermolyzer offers an environmentally safe way to dispose of ...

material that would otherwise end up in landfills – or worse. Waste becomes valuable because it can be used to produce electricity. Collecting that waste pays for itself through electricity sales.

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Distributed power

The Thermolyzer provides distributed power – power that is generated at or ...

The Thermolyzer provides distributed power – power that is generated at or near where it will be used. This provides power for areas that may be far from any electrical grid. Since these low-pressure, closed loop systems are completely safe, they can be located close to the areas they serve.

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General Electric notes

A report by General Electric notes that “the rise of distributed power is also being driven by the ability of distributed power systems to overcome the constraints that ..

typically inhibit the development of large capital projects and transmission and distribution (T&D) lines. Because they are small, they have lower capital requirements and can be built.and become operational faster and with less risk than large power plants. “ GSEL has partnered with CHZ Technologies to bring this remarkable technology to Nigeria


What are our focuses

GSEL R Tech is a London based company with over a decade of experience in Renewable Energy solutions , Renewable products , water purification , waste water treatment solutions and IT solutions. We are the Exclusive representative of GENESIS Water Technologies, for the UK / Europe and West/East Africa. GENESIS is an award-winning leader in specialised drinking water & wastewater reuse solutions, ( Water Treatment Media & Flocculants & Genclean technology, which is a non-toxic, advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilised in an aqueous water solution.

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Electricity and Power from Trash, Plastic, Paper, Tires, Biomass and more

In 2012, Adebayo and Kelly Adeyosoye, Lex Henkels and Mark Snyder traveled to Yola, Adamawa at the invitation of Governor Nyako. Our mission was to determine how much potential Yola’s trash has for producing electricity. Our study revealed that as feedstock for the Thermolyzer, 1 ton of Yola’s trash can produce 1 megawatt hour of electricty. For more on our study,

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