Solar Motion Sensor Light – Series 5

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  • High electrical efficacy (18%) polycrystalline silicon with PET laminated panel.
  • Customized COB Light Source.
  • Heat sink technology and 95% heat flux maintenance rate.
  • 100% Charging and Discharging Test.
  • Over-loaded or Over-discharged IP Protection.
  • Large Capacity Li-ion Battery.
  • Industrial Grade ABS Raw Materials.
  • Anti-aging, anti-UV, high strength, long working life.
  • Intelligent Control PIR Human Body Sensing Chip.


GSEL Smart Solar Security Light with Motion Detector

Designed to work in the UK

This Solar sensor light, will be able to charge with 8 – 12 hours of daylight even on cloudy days, in the UK we have a lot of cloudy days, it has an IP rating of IP65, suitable for the rainy days too. You can use this light practically anywhere you want to have light at night.

Its designed with a PIR Sensor decting movement the light will illuminate, depending on the mode setting. Great for gardens, pathways, driveways, patios, walls, fences, sheds doorways, other door ways courtyards etc.. are a few of the places where they can be used.

3 Light Modes

The Solar Sensor light has 3 modes to choose from:

Sensing Mode:
OFF – Full Light – OFF

Full bright light will illuminate for 15s when motion is detected. It will switch off after 15s and the back light will illuminate for 1 min then turn off. Most battery ecconomical.

Sensing & Dimming Mode:
DIM – Full Light – DIM

Dim light (20% of full light) stays on while it is dark. When motion is detected full bright light will illuminate for 15s then will change back to dim light and the back light will illuminate for 1 min.

Continuous Light Mode:
Full Light

The light will illuminate at full brightness all night or untill the battery is depleted. Most battery power consuming.

GSEL VS Others

Solar Panel

1. PET Laminated panel, 25 years working life.

2. Anti-UV and anti-corrosion.

1. Epoxy solar panel, 3 years working life.

2.Turn yellow and cracking Easily.

LED Source

1. Latest flip-chip technology. 2. Right LED chips, eco-friendly and efficient.
1. General LED source. 2. Too many LED chips turn to low COP (Coefficeint Of Performance).


1. ABS Raw MAterials.
2. High strength, durable, long working life.

1. Recycled materials.
2. Lamp aging easily, fragile and short working life.


1. Identification parameter 3000mAh, measured 3000mAh.

1. Identification parameter 3000mAh, measured 2500mAh.

Additional information

Weight .550 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm

Black, White


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